Jean&Jean workshop was founded in 1990 when Zan started building guitars in a small work shop with little tools and lots of enthusiasm. After few years Jovan joined him, being his first customer for a bass became his friend and stayed to work with him till today.

Over the years we have produced over 250 custom instruments and also have done great number of repairs of every kind, both on electric and acoustic instruments. With our custom instruments each one is made for a specific player, designed and crafted to meet his needs and fulfill his wishes. Design is agreed with a customer, especially the details concerning playability, sound and feel, than the wood is picked according to the customer wishes, and carefully selected to achieve the best sound and looks for that specific instrument.

Also, over the years we have developed our own models for Guitar and Bass which have evolved from over ten years experience in building and repairing instruments. On these instruments you will find great number of sophisticated details which are results of many years of experience turned in to innovation, off course, with respect of tradition and old values. While they all have a unique Jean&Jean design they differ in details, finish and setup, being adjusted and improved every time. Also, as each instrument is hand made, it is merely impossible to produce two exactly the same. Although the use of CNC and laser cutters would shorten production time greatly we choose to build our instruments using basic tools and twenty fingers.

For our instrument we use only top quality woods and best electronics and parts available. Domestic kinds of wood, like maple, polar, walnut, chestnut and alder we personally select from the forests of western Serbia, area that is famous for its quality maple used for building violins. That wood is then carefully stored and dried for several years before we use it for instruments together with all other, more exotic kinds of woods.

Finish of each instrument is also unique and done by spraying, sanding and polishing. We manly use polyurethane finishes in satin and high gloss. All the stains are usually in natural colors enhancing the beauty of the woods an allowing it to be presented in its best.
Phone: +381 11 304 67 29 ::: Mobile: +381 64 146 63 64.


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